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Medical Ethics

Risking Their Lives to Ski While They Can

The Atlantic Magazine

Talia Barrington

Winter sports are gnarlier than ever.

U.S. Suicides Reached a Record High Last Year

The Wall Street Journal

Julie Wernau

Older men are at highest risk, while suicide rates among young people have declined

Saudi Arabia Is Dangling Billions for Research on Aging. Scientists Are Lining Up to Take It.

The Wall Street Journal

Stephen Kalin

The kingdom’s plans to put more than $1 billion a year into global efforts on longevity stir anticipation—and hesitation around the country’s politics.

How America Got Mean

The Atlantic Magazine

David Brooks

In a culture devoid of moral education, generations are growing up in a morally inarticulate, self-referential world.

Switched at Birth, Two Canadians Discover Their Roots at 67

The New York Times

Norimitsu Onishi

Two Canadian men who were switched at birth to families of different ethnicities are now questioning who they really are and learning how racial heritage...

Surgeon General Warns That Social Media May Harm Children and Adolescents

The New York Times

Matt Richtel, Catherine Pearson and Michael Levenson

The extraordinary report by Dr. Vivek Murthy cited a “profound risk of harm” to adolescent mental health and urged families to set limits and governments...

Does Therapy Really Work?

The New York Times Magazine

Susan Dominus

Research shows that counseling delivers great benefits to many people. But it’s hard to say exactly what that means for you.

Love Your Patient as Yourself: On Reviving the Broken Heart of American Medical Ethics

The Hastings Center Report

Tyler Tate and Joseph Clair

American medical ethics is broken, and it needs love to be healed. 

“The Good Place” Felt Bad in the End

The Atlantic

Spencer Kornhaber

The show tackled the toughest questions of existence, but its enlightenment resembled something darker.

Why I Hope to Die at 75

The Atlantic

Ezekiel J. Emanuel

An argument that society and families—and you—will be better off if nature takes its course swiftly and promptly.

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