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Technology Ethics

Neuralink Wants to Make ‘The Matrix’ a Reality.

The Wall Street Journal

Rolfe Winkler and Jo Craven McGinty

It Has a Lot to Prove First.

We Will Never Run Out of Resources

Wall Street Journal

Marian L. Tupy and David Deutsch

The supply of minerals is theoretically finite, but human knowledge and creativity are limitless.

Google Isn’t Grad School

The Atlantic

Arthur C. Brooks

Having so much information at our fingertips is useful but seductive, easily fooling us into thinking we know more than we do.

E-bikes Are Going to Keep Exploding

The Atlantic

Caroline Mimbs Nyce

We are stuck in battery purgatory.

Congress Really Wants to Regulate A.I., But No One Seems to Know How

The New Yorker

Sue Halpern

Yet another hearing—this one with OpenAI’s Sam Altman—has come after a new technology with the possibility to fundamentally alter our lives is already in circulation.

How Will We Know When Self-Driving Cars Are Safe? When They Can Handle the World’s Worst Drivers

The Wall Street Journal

Christopher Mims

Call it the Mad Max driving test, a gantlet only a Hollywood director—or a mild-mannered engineer—could dream up.

The First Year of AI College Ends in Ruin

The Atlantic

Ian Bogost

 There’s an arms race on campus, and professors are losing.

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